Inder Sandhu - Chandigarh, Punjab, India


Manoj Oswal – Pune, India

Inder Sandhu is the founder of Peedu’s People, an NGO based in India that has helped hundreds of strays and abandoned animals get access to food, shelter, healthcare, and homes.

Inder has been volunteering at animal shelters over the past eight years and is involved in several rescue organizations as an Adoption Counselor, Fundraising Manager, Educating and Information Manager along with serving on volunteering and fundraising committees.

He is a Mechanical Engineer by trade, has an MBA in marketing and has held several positions as Marketing Manager for engineering products. Some of the organizations he represents are: Abandoned Animal Rescue, Tomball, Houston Area Doberman Rescue, Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue, Home fur’ Good, SPCA Chandigarh, People for Animals, People in Defense of Animals and others.

Inder also writes columns in newsletters for rescue organizations, has had articles published in Indian daily newspapers (Hindu and The Tribune) and has some articles due to be published in Doberman Pinscher magazine. He has also been a guest on the radio in Houston for volunteering opportunities within the Indian, Pakistani communities in the US. In addition, he posts on a blog page

He is also a part of several online rescue groups both in India and the US (Pablo’s Doggy Rescue, Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, International Animal Rescue Goa and others) and is a frequent speaker at Abandoned Animal Rescue and Houston Area Doberman Rescue in Texas.

Manoj is well known for his animal activism. He used to participate in rescues, fight legal battles, wildlife conservation, etc. for all kinds of animals – snakes, birds, dogs, cats to large animals including elephants. He was the head of People For Animals (PFA) Pune for 22 years.

He is a serial entrepreneur and is currently the director of a cybercrime investigation company.

He turned vegan from a vegetarian back in 1995. Back then, there was no one in India who knew the word “vegan”, including himself. He went to Delhi in 1995 for a business exhibition. On his way, he saw Smt. Maneka Gandhi’s residence. He literally jumped out of the bus and went to her home. He bragged to the security that he works for animals and had come to meet Mrs. Gandhi. The security told him, “If you want to meet Gandhi ma’am, go in and meet her.” He was shocked because he assumed there would be restrictions preventing him from meeting her.

When he went in and met her, she said: “Oh you are Manoj Oswal!…where are you from?” she asked. He replied, “Pune.” She immediately ordered her assistant, “Bring the Pune file.” When she opened the file, he was surprised to see that she literally had his full background details in her file. She said, “You appear to be doing awareness for the animals, but that is not enough. To actually work for the animals, you need to enforce the law. So, stop fooling around and start working for animals.” She then gave him a copy of her book ‘Heads and Tails.’

On his way back to Pune, he started reading the book, and the first chapter was about dairy. He was completely shocked to see what was happening to dairy animals. He later learned more about various forms of animal cruelty that happens in the name of religious sacrifices, scientific research, food, entertainment, fashion and also cruelty that happens to street animals. This shook him up and he turned vegan just a week after he met Mrs. Gandhi. He wasn’t even aware that he had become a vegan.

That was back in 1995, things were much easier today. Back then my peers thought he’d gone crazy.